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Jangan Lupa Lirik...

Calon paling muda Jangan Lupa Lirik....

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Majlis Berzikir dan Berbedak Alinah Bt Ghani


Getting Ready for the Function??

Some of the Family Mens






The Bride 


Handling the ''Kain Jongsarat'' and getting ready for the Berzikir and Berbedak Ceremony



The Ladies Zikir Team
The Father of the Bride
The Sister of the Bride
The Mother of the Bride


The other sister of the Bride
The other sister of the Bride










Family members Welcoming the Guests

Aisehh..kekajutan ni...makan ah..nda nunggu urg ah..

''Tausyik Team'' performing while waiting for the Guests to come


Sunday 28th June,2009 Morning..A Ceremony was held at the Bride's place just before the Bersanding ceremony took place in the Afternoon..Most of the pictures above are all of our family members who attended the Ceremony and others are Guests for the Wedding Reception ceremony..