Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday To Md Nabil Zuhair and Md Amir Reduan

Look at the cakes..ehehe

Nabil with the Parents

Wow!!! Nabil got a shoe for a present..
Nabil looks cute..ehe peeking on the Present given
The game of the night..They are sure enjoying themselves playing the 'UNO Attack'.

lalalala~''Hm this is my chance to have some of these cakes..'' Farah is cutting the cake on her own..

A very good pose..
Looks like Lil Farah wants a birthday celebration for her cute..

Blow Millie Blow the balloon..ehehe she'll be angry if she knew that I post this photo..Sorry Millie ehehe..

Lil Amir looks tired.. gorgeous they both look Grandma like Grandson ehehehe...our little Nakata..

Tasek Merimbun Outing.ext1

Young kids nowadays are very talented...they are fishing by themselves..

I really like this view..

Tasek Merimbun Outing

Look who's there..Its JabingAura

Remember..There's an entrance fee too..

Something Interesting hah..

A view taken during a trip to Tasek Merimbun